Zoozie LA

Last month, I got an email from Zoozie LA asking me to check out their (really amazing) palazzo pants and consider reviewing them. After checking them out on Amazon, I realized this probably wouldn’t work. The designs are really incredible, but that’s the problem. I have a short inseam, and pants are always too long. The palazzo pants from Zoozie LA have these incredible border prints, and I couldn’t bear the thought of destroying those designs because I needed to have several inches hemmed off.

I replied about my concerns, and suggested maybe the maxi skirts might be an option. I admit, I was a little surprised when I heard back from Zoozie LA that they were happy to provide a skirt of my choice to check out.

Getting ready to hop in the car for a long drive.
Getting ready to hop in the car for a long drive.

What happened next? I ordered the skirt… and then (typical of our itinerant life) found out we were heading out of town. I kid you not, the skirt arrived in the mail the day before we were leaving on a nine-hour car trip. Since Zoozie LA promotes their garments are wrinkle free, I though, This perfect timing to put it to the test.


I pulled the skirt on that morning, with a coordinating black top and jacket, and climbed into our SUV. Nine hours, 700 miles, and many stops for gas, dog walking, and truck stop snacks later…

This was my skirt, 9 hours and 700 miles of riding in the car with three kids and two dogs later. Beautiful. Kind of incredible. I'm so happy with these results!
This was my skirt, 9 hours and 700 miles of riding in the car with three kids and two dogs later. Beautiful. Kind of incredible. I’m so happy with these results!

Not a single wrinkle.

Wrinkles aside, I want to share a couple other outstanding characteristics about Zoozie LA garments.

  • I think this is probably the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever worn. I honestly expected to be irritated by the end of the trip – that’s a lot of sitting, and I figured the waistband would start to feel constricting. Not at all. That skirt felt as good when we (finally) climbed out of the truck as it did at 5 AM that morning.
  • It looked great. You may think I’m just saying that, but really, still-looking-nice at the end of a day like this doesn’t EVEN make my checklist. All I want is to get there. And it wasn’t just me, or the trick mirrors at the travel stops. At one place, even another traveler commented on the skirt. How’s that for an endorsement!
  • It washed up beautifully. I did not put it in the dryer – just washed with like colors and hung to dry. It looks as good as the day it arrived.
  • Sizes run true to measurements on their website; however, I found the sizing to be larger than standard. Example: I generally wear size XL. I was surprsied to see on their site that I should order size L, but went ahead and ordered that. The L fit perfectly.
  • The garment is well constructed – the sewing was tidy, with no pulls, no breaks, and no loose threads. Seams were well constructed, and the fabric was cut properly. I find these facotrs key in garemnts that last, and I’m pretty tickled that I can expect to have this skirt around ofr a long time.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure: This is a maxi skirt, and although I knew my inseam wouldn’t be an issue, I was concerned my height (or lack thereof) might be. I am 5′ 4″, and, yes, the skirt was likely too long. What I did was simply fold down the deep waist band, and the length was perfect. I can also – if I choose – pull the waistband up to my armpits and have a very decent looking dress that falls below the knee. I’m not one for strapless dresses, but with a jacket, cardigan, or even a shawl – it works great!

Zoozie LA garments are machine wash and dryable, and made in the USA. Even better – they are so affordably priced. I’ve already ordered myself a couple more. These will be a staple in my ward

With the holidays areound the corner, I’ve added another skirt to my Amazon wishlist (and I can’t wait to include it in my outfit rotation).

Check out Zoozie LA on Amazon and on their website. They offer so much more than just maxi skirts – bell bottom pants, culottes, ponchos, and more.

I received a skirt at no cost from Zoozie LA for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed here is mine alone, based on my personal experience with the product. This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.