Working Mom Meal Ideas – Butter Beans and Potatoes

This post is part of a series of Working Mom Meal Ideas. Delicious, easy, quick to prepare, enjoyable to eat, fast clean up, and thrifty, these are all recipes we enjoy regularly as full, one-pot meals or side dishes.

Butter Beans and Potatoes

This is so easy — and so delicious — it’s almost embarassing typing a “recipe.” But it’s easy (like I said), virtually hands off, and it’s just soooo good – there are NEVER any leftovers.

Only two ingredients.


Ingredient Shortcut option Pantry Substitute
Raw potatoes, well
washed and cut in chunks. One potato per person, plus one extra “for the pot.”
3 to 4 cans of whole potatoes
2- 15 oz. cans of butter beans. We like Margaret Holmes brand (which is must thriftier in the store than online…) 4 c. butter beans, soaked and cooked from dried beans, plus your choice of seasonings
This isn't my slow cooker -- I do have a 4 quart Hamilton Beach that's nearly identical... except THIS  slow cooker is way prettier! (Mine is just pain Jane white.)
This isn’t my slow cooker — I do have a 4-quart Hamilton Beach that’s nearly identical… except THIS
slow cooker is way prettier! (Mine is just pain Jane white.)

Combine in slow cooker and heat on low for four hours, or on high for two hours.

Simple and delicious.

If you don’t have a slow cooker (or don’t like them, whatever), I do not recommend trying this on the stove top. A large point of these recipes is that I don’t have to be paying direct attention while it’s cooking, and, while this could  be done on the stove top, I believe I’d end up with it burned on the bottom of the pan (because my attention would be elsewhere). I’d suggest trying the oven instead. Put it in a large (enough) roasting pan with a lid, and add a little extra water or broth. An hours at 350 should bring it up to temperature.