Wild Dash!

I’m excited to share another game from RoosterFin: Wild Dash.

Wild Dash is a card game… and a dice game… and it’s nothing like any card or dice game you’ve played before.

Player are dealt five cards. Each card is either a racer or a booster. We all know that not all racers are created equal: your avergae jaguar is going to outdistance a turlt with little effort. And that’s where the boosters come in. Use the boosters in your hand to judiciously help out your racers that need it and have a chance. The first player to win three races wins.

Sounds simple, right?

Then there are the dice. They aren’t typical numbered dice. Rather each die is a single color. The die produced lets you know whether you get to play the racer card you selected… or need to swap it with another… or have to discard it altogether!

This is probably the most fun new game we’ve played in a while. One of the things I love about RoosterFin games is the honest-fun-for-all-ages factor, and Wild Dash lives up to that. There was a lot of spontaneous laughter at surprise race winners (and not a hint of being “too cool” for the game from our teenagers).

Wild Dash is great fun for the entire family, up to six players. Although it’s meant for ages 8 and up, I think our children could have played at a much younger age. They wouldn’t have had the strategy down, but even little kids know a rabbit is faster than a snail. And they would still have had a great time playing along with everyone in the family. You can purchase Wild Dash and check out other RoosterFin games on their website. Be sure to visit their Facebook page to check out all the newest information, too.

I received Rabbit Pirates at no cost for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed here is my own and influenced by no one else. This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.