Use Magnets for Your Teaching Props?

I got these magnets on Amazon from AULife (you can check them out here if you like – and that’s not an affiliate link). These have been – simply put – great. They are super strong like the neodymium magnets I’d been using. However, these were larger and (no small issue) the price was very reasonable. When I purchased these on Amazon, they were $7 for the package and shipped Prime (or Super Saver Shipping, of course).

Check them out.

Sorry for looking a little bedraggled. The days are long, and sometimes my hair and makeup don’t last as long as I do! It’s all good, and I’m just keeping it real.


Here’s a shot next to my mouse. This is the box they come in. The magnets are so strong I just placed the box on the side of my metal shelves, and there it stays.

This pic shows what I was talking about in the video – this is so simple, and really the best way I’ve found to use them. A slip of tape and I’m ready to go.

If you’re looking for some strong magnets – whether for teaching props, a school project, or just your fridge – these are the ticket. Click here to go check them out