Tuesday’s “Stuff”

I just like to celebrate the days where stuff gets done, you know? Especially since that doesn’t always correlate to effort. The last two days have, though. Here’s a snapshot of today:

  • Laundry should be caught up (for the children) for both trip laundry and clothing diritied since we got home.
  • ALL children’s clothing has been sorted back as it’s supposed to be in bins (we switched to bins on shelves after the last set of dressers disintegrated).
  • I made yogurt (in the yogurt maker), jam (in the bread maker), oatmeal bread (in the oven). This was all make-ahead-for-the-week stuff, not to be eaten today. (I expect to have to hide some of it.)
  • Wrote a bunch of reviews this morning. Some for here (to be published later). Some are drafts. Some were posted on other sites. I lost count, sorry. 
  • I managed to shepherd the children through math (only a few questions today), spelling (lots of help needed today), reading (literature), grammar, science, piano and recorder practice and got them to chip in on some household chores, too.
  • I emptied, refilled, and ran the dishwasher. Son #3 dried some handwashed things for me and put them away. There is still a sinkful soaking 🙁
  • Caught up on emails.
  • Placed our household consumables order.
  • Made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, dinner’s half done – sauce is in the slow cooker. I just need to cook pasta.
  • Various chores completed by various household members included dishes, bathroom mirrors, sweeping the kitchen, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom sinks, changing all hand towels and kitchen linens, and vacuuming half the apartment. My oldest even dusted the louvre doors to the furnace closet (that’s an unforgiving chore).
  • We (the boys and I) discussed my idea for a 3D printing project, which raised the question of what temperature latex melts at (140 degrees, according to my researcher), which means I’m back to the drawing board. (I wanted to use a baloon for a mold… the kids kept telling me don’t do it. They were right.)
  • We made it to the library in time for the STEM program for teens. Whew.