The Star Movie

My husband and I are part of a generation where, growing up, holiday cartoons and animated specials were a traditional part of the season. As children, we watched anything that television-land offered up as “holiday” fare.


Now, as adults… we have a somewhat different take.

JOSEPH2Holiday shows and movies are still important to us (and to our children), but we’re a lot pickier about what we watch. The story being told doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the Biblical narrative of Christmas, but it most certainly must MARY2portray the lessons that Jesus came to teach us about how we are to treat each other, and what peace on earth, and joy to all men could look like. The shows that made our cut have become bon-bons of entertainment that our entire family looks forward to each year.

Because of our traditions, I’m really looking forward to the release of The Star. This looks to be a fun tale of a small (but brave!) donkey who wants to make a difference. With the crazy humor that children seem to adore in talking cartoon animals, our hero, Bo, joins up with a sheep, a dove, and a few camels to find themselves taking part in the Greatest Story ever told.

Now, fon’tthink for a moment this is meant to be a literal re-telling of the Christmas story. Rather, it’s a fun way to think about the story from the perspective of other of God’s creatures, while using our own human sensibilities. It’s a thinkg about the humor – and the drama – in a different way. And it’s a great chance to spend time together as a family, and have a lot to talk about afterward. 

Take two minutes and watch the trailer:


The movie makers (the same people who brought you Heaven is for Real and Miracles from Heaven) have rounded up an impressive cast, plus a great soundtrack. Listen up.


The Star, Movie, is schedule for release on November 27, 2o017. But you don’t have to wait that long to get in on the fun. Visit their website to check out the stunning cast and meet the characters. In addition there is an online animated coloring bookSo cool. Once you’ve finished coloring your picture, the characters move!

I think the real gem here is the activities page. There are printable puzzles, games, coloring pages, character cards – even Christmas cards!

Don’t waste time standing in line at the theatre – order your tickets on the movie website, too.

The Star is the perfect family movie to get out and about, have some serious fun, and get your entire family into the swing of the holiday season.

I received ticket codes for four movie goers to see this movie at no cost in return for participating in this promotion. Any and all opinions expressed here are mine alone.