The Plans I Have for You Bible

Lately (you may have noticed), I’ve had an influx of study Bibles that were developed with children in mind. The latest in these is The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible.

Based on the children’s book, The Plans I Have For You by author Amy Parker, this is a pretty cool variation. Parker’s storybook inspires readers (not just kids!) to ponder their futures and to thoughtfully consider their unique talents and gifts and how to use them to make the world a better place. Parker has provided the study notes for The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible, and I love how they take this idea and apply it to figures from famous stories from the Bible.

The Plans I have for You Holy Bible

We’ve heard the story of Esther, but have we thought about how her gifts made her perfect for the role she played in the story.

The Plans I have for You Holy Bible

In the New Testament, the notes turn more towards the reader, with thought-provoking questions and comments.

In addition to the notes from Amy Parker, this Bible edition contains an excellent and informative preface. Here, there is fascinating detail on the origins of the translation used, the philosophy behind it, the basis of the texts, and explanations of the format and how footnotes are used. This is a wonderful resource for introducing children and tweens to the structure and historical background of the Bible. It’s about this time that questions can arise, and this preface provides some clear and understandable answers.

The Plans I Have for You Holy BibleThe Plans I Have for You and The Plans I Have for You Bible are available on Amazon in both print copy and Kindle editions.

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