STEM Concepts for Girls – Nancy Drew, Code and Clues

STEM concepts for girls

This is a sponsored post. I don’t know a girl who grew up on the U.S. who doesn’t know who Nancy Drew is. Girl detective, Nancy and her pals, Bess and George, filled many an afternoon for me. As a child, I had at least two dozen Nancy Drew titles on my shelf at home, … Read more

What to do after visiting Egypt via Minecraft? Party, of course.

Why have a Minecraft party? My kids love Minecraft. Anyone else?  Like many other parents, I’ve been converted. Not to being a player, no. I’m afraid it’s been years since any true video game has appealed to me. I’m much more of a puzzle girl (crosswords, sudoku, logic). But, I am seeing the value of … Read more

Foreign Language Learning Tool Video Overview

foreign language

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Mondly – a foreign language learning app our family is going to be using to study Spanish over the upcoming year. Here’s a video I made with some shots to give you an idea of what the app has to offer. Keep in mind – there’s a free … Read more – Excellent Homeschool Music Resource

homeschool music

This is a sponsored post. I have a strong background in music (six years of college plus over nearly twenty years of teaching one-on-one and classes). Ironically, because of this, I sort of fell out of touch with some of the trends in music and notation with technology. When I was out in the music teaching world, … Read more