Charlie The Tramp

Charlie the Tramp isĀ one of those stories that simply stays fresh and true, decades later. In fact, I’ll bet if you transported back 100, 150, even 200 years, the story would still ring true. To refresh your memory, Charlie is a youngster in a family of badgers. However, he’s not so enamored of the idea … Read more

Meet the Glimmer Girls! (And Giveaway!)

I recently received copies of these adorable books, and have really been enjoying them. With a house full of men and men-in-training, as you might imagine, I don’t spend much time on the things that are specific to little girls. They just aren’t part of my daily responsibilities. Reading the Glimmer Girls, though, has taken … Read more

Alphabet Book

This is a sponsored post. There’s such a controversy about how young to start teaching children. I’m in the camp of better late than early, but I also acknowlege every family needs to do what works for their family. When my boys were little, one of the most helpful things I read was to show … Read more