The Remnants

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. The Remnants is an engrossing historical novel written by W.P. Osborn. Inspired by the author’s grandparents, The Remnants tells the story of Danny and Rose, two young people decidedly not a part of the privileged class in Edwardian England. Rose is “in service;” that is, she is … Read more

The Water Trade

The Water Trade, by Rob Smith, is an entrancing tale set in an unforgettable moment in history. We’re all familiar with the events of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, from school studies, from stories passed down in family, and even from the movies. But Smith’s masterful story-telling has us, the reader, asking ourselves what were … Read more

FanTABulous Geography Learning Resource Bundle

geography learning resource

This post contains affiliate links. I so excited to share this opportunity with you This is one of the most comprehensive, yet most flexible geography learning resource bundles I have ever come across. I’m really stunned by the amount of work that Sandra at Little Learning Lovies put into it. It’s absolutely huge. The bundle contains twelve … Read more

What to do after visiting Egypt via Minecraft? Party, of course.

Why have a Minecraft party? My kids love Minecraft. Anyone else?  Like many other parents, I’ve been converted. Not to being a player, no. I’m afraid it’s been years since any true video game has appealed to me. I’m much more of a puzzle girl (crosswords, sudoku, logic). But, I am seeing the value of … Read more

When Calls the Heart – Season 2 Premier coming up (and Season 1 giveaway)!

affiliate links used in this post Total confession: We don’t watch much broadcast TV in our home, and until recently, I’d not even heard about the Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart. Since I learned about it, though, there has been some series binge watching in our house. At first it was just me, but … Read more