Abigail, the Belle of Bravery!

I just love the Adventures of Rooney Cruz. If you haven’t me Rooney, please, let me introduce you! Rooney is a sweet, fun girl who is learning to understand the world around her. Sometimes, even everyday life can confusing, or even scary. Rooney has some help in this! She has an guardian angel, Mari, who … Read more

STEM Concepts for Girls – Nancy Drew, Code and Clues

STEM concepts for girls

This is a sponsored post. I don’t know a girl who grew up on the U.S. who doesn’t know who Nancy Drew is. Girl detective, Nancy and her pals, Bess and George, filled many an afternoon for me. As a child, I had at least two dozen Nancy Drew titles on my shelf at home, … Read more

Meet the Glimmer Girls! (And Giveaway!)

I recently received copies of these adorable books, and have really been enjoying them. With a house full of men and men-in-training, as you might imagine, I don’t spend much time on the things that are specific to little girls. They just aren’t part of my daily responsibilities. Reading the Glimmer Girls, though, has taken … Read more