Custom Flavor Coffee with my Refillable K-Cup Filters


I’ve really been enjoying our Keurig for about six months now, and I’m not the only one. The kids figured out they could use it to make hot chocolate or tea, and I have even been known to use it to heat water for instant rice! And, while I love the convenience of k-cups, they … Read more

End of Season in the Patio Garden


It’s the end of season – more the turn of the season here in the south for the patio garden. Since our switch over the herbs, things have thrived quite nicely on the patio. Everything looks busy and happy. The stevia in particular grew really massively. We all pitched in for a session of pruning … Read more

Patio Garden Update


We’ve been in our new apartment for an official seven weeks now – woo-hoo! One thing we’ve discovered is that we had to rethink the patio garden. I was so looking forward to the southern exposure, and getting some really good crops from the zucchini. But it was not to be. We started the zucchini … Read more

Elacra Spiralizer

I’ve written previously about how much I love my table top spiral cutter. I’ve had the opportunity to try some of those small, hand held versions. I was really skeptical — how could that little bit of plastic stand up to my lovely spiral cutter? Well, I learned something. As soon as I started using … Read more

Spring Garden Planting Bonus

It’s¬†that time of year again, when my mind and heart turn to vegetable¬†gardening! Granted, I like to garden year round (circumstances don’t always cooperate), but for some reason, I feel really fresh in spring. I suppose it’s a matter of looking forward to the upcoming fresh meals that I *know* are local (since I watched … Read more