The Compulsive Move

This is a sponsored post. The Compulsive Move is a short story written by Phillip Cornell. While this is marketed as a book (an eBook), I believe it is more appropriately considered a short story, as it is fifty-nine standard pages long and is easily read in a sitting of just over an hour. The … Read more

Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo

This is sponsored post and contains affiliate links. About the book: Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo is by Vera I. Roberts. Most notably, Miss Roberts penned this book at age 9, and went through the publishing process at age 11.  The book chronicles the adventures and life of Bienna from just before she … Read more

The Alex Cave Series: Book 4, Gravity

This is a sponsored post, and contains affiliate links. I would totally watch this movie. Erm, TV series. Yes, this would have to be a TV series. There is so much going on in this book, I know they couldn’t cram it all into 180 minutes (much less 90). And, as someone who enjoys action, … Read more

The Remnants

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. The Remnants is an engrossing historical novel written by W.P. Osborn. Inspired by the author’s grandparents, The Remnants tells the story of Danny and Rose, two young people decidedly not a part of the privileged class in Edwardian England. Rose is “in service;” that is, she is … Read more

Aquarius Rising Book 2: Blood Tide

Blood Tide is the second book in the Aquarius Rising series by Brian Burt When it comes to post-apocalyptic novels and dystopian fiction, I am often up to give anything a try. I have become more critical though, as the genre has become more popular. It’s like anything; the more people who are doing something, the … Read more

The Water Trade

The Water Trade, by Rob Smith, is an entrancing tale set in an unforgettable moment in history. We’re all familiar with the events of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, from school studies, from stories passed down in family, and even from the movies. But Smith’s masterful story-telling has us, the reader, asking ourselves what were … Read more