Ripley’s BOARD BOOKS…? Believe it or Not!

As I’ve posted previously, books from Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Eye-Popping Oddities are very popular in this household. It’s extremely common for me to look up from my coffee in the morning to see the op of someone’s head, bent low over a book, toast in hand. When I ask, “What are you … Read more

FanTABulous Geography Learning Resource Bundle

geography learning resource

This post contains affiliate links. I so¬†excited to share this opportunity with you This is one of the most comprehensive, yet most flexible geography learning¬†resource bundles I have ever come across. I’m really stunned by the amount of work that Sandra at Little Learning Lovies put into it. It’s absolutely huge. The bundle contains twelve … Read more

Love. Just Because.


I Love You Just Because is an adorable, sweet lovely book with a wonderful message for young children. But it’s also important. Important. The book tells the story of a family of bears. They are a family… But their fur is not all the same color. What? Well, mama and papa bear are brown. One … Read more

Monster Mob- Fun Preschool Math “Tutor”

Monster Mob is a fun card game for the younger set – and Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa will all have fun playing along while helping the littles with their preschool math. Basically, you have a deck of (very thick) cards. Each cards is either printed with a monster, or is a “catch” card. … Read more

Alphabet Book

This is a sponsored post. There’s such a controversy about how young to start teaching children. I’m in the camp of better late than early, but I also acknowlege every family needs to do what works for their family. When my boys were little, one of the most helpful things I read was to show … Read more