Custom Flavor Coffee with my Refillable K-Cup Filters

I’ve really been enjoying our Keurig for about six months now, and I’m not the only one. The kids figured out they could use it to make hot chocolate or tea, and I have even been known to use it to heat water for instant rice! And, while I love the convenience of k-cups, they … Read more

Keurig® K475 Coffee Maker

Dear Readers, You all know that I am partial to my French press – particularly since I switched to a double walled version. I like making a pot that will last me until we are ready to settle in for a day’s work. I like that the double wall keeps it hot. When we’re on … Read more

Aeropress Stainless Steel Coffee Mill

As my regular readers are aware, I really love coffee. It’s not the buzz (that’s actually a problem for me I have to guard against). It’s the flavor and the heat. I like iced coffee. I love hot coffee. A great cup of coffee starts with good water and great beans. You can buy good coffee already … Read more