Rapier is a really fun book by Doc Corea. Imagine combining the best parts of space travel with the best aspects of pirate stories. Now, add in an element of honor… and some bad guys with no honor at all. I was delighted recently to read Rapier, a fast-paced, science fiction, swashbuckling novel from R.A. … Read more

The Compulsive Move

This is a sponsored post. The Compulsive Move is a short story written by Phillip Cornell. While this is marketed as a book (an eBook), I believe it is more appropriately considered a short story, as it is fifty-nine standard pages long and is easily read in a sitting of just over an hour. The … Read more

Gamers and Gods Trilogy

This is a sponsored post. Gamers and Gods is a Kindle format “boxed set” trilogy by author Matthew Kennedy. The overarching story is a massive and complex tale involving computer science, physics, metaphysics, and philosophy. No worries about it getting boring or tedious though, because it’s all woven up in a rather amazing way with good … Read more

Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo

This is sponsored post and contains affiliate links. About the book: Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo is by Vera I. Roberts. Most notably, Miss Roberts penned this book at age 9, and went through the publishing process at age 11.  The book chronicles the adventures and life of Bienna from just before she … Read more

Charlie The Tramp

Charlie the Tramp is one of those stories that simply stays fresh and true, decades later. In fact, I’ll bet if you transported back 100, 150, even 200 years, the story would still ring true. To refresh your memory, Charlie is a youngster in a family of badgers. However, he’s not so enamored of the idea … Read more

Abigail, the Belle of Bravery!

I just love the Adventures of Rooney Cruz. If you haven’t me Rooney, please, let me introduce you! Rooney is a sweet, fun girl who is learning to understand the world around her. Sometimes, even everyday life can confusing, or even scary. Rooney has some help in this! She has an guardian angel, Mari, who … Read more

The Flip

I started reading The Flip the week before Halloween, and was a little chagrined with myself. I didn’t realize this was a ghost story! I should have started this earlier in the month! I kept reading… and I realized… Wait a minute… this isn’t a ghost story… this is historical fiction. Cool! But as the … Read more

First Contact

First Contact: Strings Attached is a science fiction novel by Paul Nelson. I found myself intrigued by this book on several levels. First, I’m usually a sucker for science fiction, I’ll admit it. But my imagination was also tweaked by the cover art – a science fiction novel with a view point from an ancient … Read more

The Water Trade

The Water Trade, by Rob Smith, is an entrancing tale set in an unforgettable moment in history. We’re all familiar with the events of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, from school studies, from stories passed down in family, and even from the movies. But Smith’s masterful story-telling has us, the reader, asking ourselves what were … Read more

Meet the Glimmer Girls! (And Giveaway!)

I recently received copies of these adorable books, and have really been enjoying them. With a house full of men and men-in-training, as you might imagine, I don’t spend much time on the things that are specific to little girls. They just aren’t part of my daily responsibilities. Reading the Glimmer Girls, though, has taken … Read more