Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Links, and Reviews… Oh, My!

Hello, all.

You’ll find a lot of product reviews on this site. Please rest assured: while I am grateful to each and every merchant who provides items for me to review, what I share with you is HONEST. That means you’re going to find a few “stinkers” in here. But, most of them are quite good, because I try to stick with companies that are working hard to bring the best to their customers.

That said…

These terms get thrown around, and here’s my explanation of what you should expect when I use them.

Sponsored posts: I am being paid (as in, cash) to help get the word out about a product. There aren’t many of these on here, but there are here. Read carefully. I will never endorse (or even publicize) something if I don’t think it has value. Also, if I haven’t said that I’ve actually used the product…. then, at the time of posting, I haven’t.

Affiliate links: An affiliate link is nothing more than a link that tells the landing site who referred you. Now, this gets a little complicated, but here are the facts. Using an affiliate link on this site will never, ever cost you more money if you buy something. You will pay the exact same price as following any other link. I may (or may not – I told you, it’s complicated) receive a (very) small referral fee if you make a purchase. It depends on lots of things, from the merchant site to the product. Oh, and for the record some sites (okay, one in particular) forbid me from thanking you for using affiliate link. Uh-huh. The idea is that it’s comparable to asking you to buy stuff so I make money (which isn’t a guarantee anyway <big, dramatic sigh>). So, don’t ever think I’m ungrateful. Just remember that using affiliate links costs you nothing, and can help support the individual whose link you are using.

Sandra Girouard/The Worthier Part is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Reviews: I write a lot of these, here and elsewhere. If I received the product at less than full cost, I will tell you. I have to – it’s federal law, and I’m not a particularly stupid girl. You will get an honest review. End of conversation.

Except for this: No, you won’t see a lot of negative reviews from me on here, and you will have to comb other places I write to find them. I prefer to only share what I think has value. As a reviewer, honesty is paramount. And while I’m being honest, I will let you know that I have offered to return products in which I could find little to no value. But, sometimes, I’m in a bind. I prefer to work directly with merchants, but on occasion, I work with brokers. And brokers want verification from a reviewer than she does what she commits to do, and they sometimes want that verification on a time table. So, sometimes, I have no alternative but to post a review that reflects poorly on a product, verify my task with the broker, and let the chips fall where they may.

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