Soniclear Elite follow-up

img_0761Last week, I posted about unboxing my Soniclear Elite from Michael Todd Beauty. I’m back to share my experience with you.

It’s been interesting – the first thing I want to say is that the Soniclear isn’t really what I expected. It’s very quiet, and very gentle. I’ve been using it morning and evening, and it’s been an overall very positive experience.

I’ve decided to go through here, using the various brush/head attachments as a sort of frame work.

The face brush. This is a good, useful brush for really getting your pores clean. The instructions say you can use it with your regular facial cleanser, and you may use it with an exfoliating scrub so long as it does not contain jagged exfoliating particles. I have a couple of these scrubs, so I tried the Soniclear with the scrub that has the smaller particles, and it worked great.

img_0762The body brush. This brush is really great – I was surprised how much I like it. I have done body brushing before, with a dry brush used before showering, but this was a little different, and saved me some time. All that dry skin itchiness that comes with cooler weather? Done. Gone. Taken care of in just the time it takes to shower. And, I think my skin looks better, too.

The Cashmere brush. This brush head is kind of… amazing. It is so soft. This brush would not damage or irritate even the most delicate of skin.

The next two attachments are a little different.

The pedi attachment – this is exactly what it sounds like – a rasp-y type surface that surprisingly gently scrubs dead skin cells off. Although the Soniclear is completely waterproof, this attachment is only to be used in dry conditions. Good for elbows, heels, and other callouses, I found this attachment far more gentle than another device I own that is a unitasker, designed for removing callouses. The other device I have has  pumice-type surface. I was surprised to discover that pumice is much rougher than the metal surface of the Soniclear pedi attachment.

The sonic infused head. (Are you thinking, what the heck is that? I was.) So, this attachment is design to help your skin absorb any lotions or serums you apply. Reading this, my inner cynic stepped up to the mike. Rii–i–ight. And I have some swampland to sell you, too.

But, if anything, I’m a thorough product tester, and I do endeavor to be honest. And letting my inner cynic dictate the value of a product doesn’t fit with that, so I called her bluff and put the attachment to work.

I will admit this: it took two or three tries to get the hang of, but this is my favorite of all the attachments. I would never have purchased a Soniclear for this purpose, but I love not only that it works, but how it works.

Here’s how I use it. I measure out my lotion, moisturizer, or serum as usually, and apply with my finger tips. Then, I turn on the Soniclear, apply the attachment gently to my face and throat and move it around. The lotion/serum is absorbed in noticeably less time than when I just let it sit, and the process feels great. I’ve started using it both morning and evening, and I’m really curious to watch over the long run if the stimulation from the vibrating head also has a positive impact on my skin.

So. That covers the main attachments and my experience with them. There are some other features that come with the Soniclear:

The extension handle. I have actually not been using this. I set it all up, and tried a couple times. But, for me, it’s just easier (and quicker, and let’s face it, a mom’s showers must be quick) to use without it. However, if I want to reach my back… I need the extension handle. It would also have been invaluable when I was dealing with my broken ankle.

The hard shell travel case. You know I’m happy about this. Each full charge of the Soniclear gives you about 60 minutes of use time. That’s plenty for the two to three days trips we make. I can safely pack my Soniclear, and know it will be ready to use with no worries about getting damaged in the luggage.

A feature of note of the Soniclear: C-Boost. This mode changes the vibration to one that promotes the body’s developing of collagen for firmer, more youthful looking skin. C-Boost has been validated to improve skin firmness, skin appearance and lessen the appearance of fine lines.


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