Soniclear Elite Deluxe

201609201402b0353e6c05e739aa94b651c0898ce87821a8a9It seems as if the older I get (there, I said it  😛 ), the more I have to do… yet the more time it takes to take care of my skin.

Twenty years ago, the only time I thought about my skin was because of a vaguely nagging feeling born of a warning from my mother or a fuzzy memory from some commercial… Now, all I need for a reminder is to look in the mirror.

And, for my younger-than-me-friends: Listen to your mamas. And it’s not just your face, either. I find, overall, when I’m tired, not eating right, or just in general worn down, my skin is the first place fatigue all show.

I am ready to go and put this Soniclear Elite Deluxe from Michael Todd beauty to work.


When I first was reading about this product, I thought about the skin on my face and throat — let’s face it, that’s what we see on ads, so thinking of that first made sense. But seeing the heads that it came with, my mind has turned to some other really positive ways this can befit my skin:

  • The pedi attachment head. As I mentioned in the video, I received the Soniclear Elite Deluxe at the beginning of week 27 (woo-hoo) of studying taekwondo. I’m stronger now and definitely have more stamina than this time last year, but the time on the mat has really been showing on my feet, especially the heels, big toes, and ball of the foot. I’m hoping the pedi attachment will make a positive difference there.
  • The body brush attachment head. Again – I mentioned in the video. I burned my forearm a couple weeks ago, and as I was watching it heal, I was wondering — why so many nutrient dense, luscious products to breath health and life into facial skin, but not so  many for the rest of our bodies? I can’t wait to see the improvement in my skin, especially with the C-Boost function, a special massage mode designed to stimulate collagen growth,

img_0760Okay! I’ve got the Soniclear Elite Deluxe plugged in and charging – I’ll be back in a week or so with my update!


In the mean time, if you want to learn more, check out the webpage for the Soniclear Elite Deluxe by clicking here.


This is a sponsored post.