Social Studies Fun with this World Map for Kids

This world map is bright, colorful, and easy to read.

The electronic component has features where the kids can learn about countries, their:

  • Capitals
  • Flags
  • Languages
  • Population
  • Landmarks and
  • Fun Trivia

With just the push of a button, kids have access to all these facts, plus there’s a quiz feature.


I’ll be honest. This is a great looking game, and as a mom and educator, I loved it.

But it’s just a map with a built in test quiz feature. I was concerned what the kids would think.

I had nothing to fear. My testing staff was on this in a hot minute.


I wanted to show them some of the features, but (silly me) no need. They were off and running.


I finally just stepped back. I have to say, I think the most impressive thing to me about this map is just how quiet my home got, and how long they sat there playing with it. I finally had to take my kitchen back.


As you can see, we played with it on the floor, but if you’re short on free floor space, no worries, because you can hang it on the wall, too.


This interactive kids’ world map requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

This interactive world map can be found on Amazon.

I received one of these interactive world maps at not cost for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed is mine alone. This post contains affiliate links.