Social Media Marketing and a Modern Fairy Tale

wahmomOnce there was a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. She was really good at her job. People loved her work, and loved her for it.

Every day, Work-at-home-mom got up with enthusiasm. She enjoyed her work, knew it inside and out. And, she knew that there’s more to running a successful business than having a great product. There’s managing cost flow, there’s compliance with the local ordinances. And, of course, there’s marketing. No matter how great your product or service is, people can’t buy it if they don’t know about it. So, Work-at-home-mom set out to learn marketing.Theriault quoteWork-at-home-mom was very interested in social media marketing. Social media is everywhere. Social media marketing is everywhere. And let’s face it: Work-at-home-mom was on a budget, and the word on the street was that you could do social media marketing for free.

Work-at-home-mom paid to enroll in training offered by another online-business-mom who had a lot of success online.  Work-at-home-mom learned a lot, but her business didn’t do quite as well as hoped. She tried a different training, from Big-Online-Marketing-Name-Guy, for a different social media channel. This training worked great – her business was growing! It was very exciting!

And then…

The algorithm changed.


What? Why?! Work-at-home-mom was confused.

She’d done everything she learned in training. She implemented the steps, she subscribed to the recommended services. She posted the exact number of times per day, with the exact posts the people selling the train stated. It was all going so well. What happened? 

Someone suggested Work-at-home-mom “didn’t want it bad enough.” 

Duck biscuits! She wasn’t getting up at 4:00 AM for her beauty!

She might have cried a little (just a little) and then…

woman-42009_640Work-at-home-mom paused to reflect. She stopped spending money on training, and she stopped spending money on advertising. 

She thought about it. 

She thought about the trainings: what didn’t work at all, and what worked for a while. And she thought about why.

Work-at-home-mom realized that those trainings taught action steps – alone. They didn’t address the reasoning behind the action steps.

Maybe those action steps weren’t the right ones for her business. 

How could she figure out what would work, and when things didn’t work, what she should change? 

Finally, one day – while reviewing vocational education options for her homeschooled children – Work-at-home-mom came across the Digital Marketing NanoDegree from Udacity.







Work-at-home-mom had been keeping an eye on Udacity for a while and had even used the online resources for her children.

Udacity is a MOOC - a massive online open course - platform. Register and enroll in coursework to learn at your own pace. There's a tuition option, which includes instructor feedback and earning a nanodegree (certification) upon completion.

Work-at-home-mom knew about Udacity’s relationship with the biggest players in social media marketing – Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, HubSpot – and their reputation for delivering.

She signed up.

And everything changed.

Ever since, Work-at-home-mom develops deeper understanding of how marketing works and ways she can apply that in different social media channels. Her action steps have impact, build relationships with her existing clients, and bring in new connections. 

No more gimmicks or tricks. No more checklists of what works – or used to work – for other people’s businesses. Just results.


freebieCurious? This isn’t a promoted post, just a story about a mom. A story based in fact. Udacity offers a free social media marketing guide – you can get it here. It has nowhere near the information in the full course of study, but it’ll give you a taste.