Rethink Happy

Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Finding Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen is a self-help book of sorts, written in an easy to digest format of a simple fiction story.

I used to pick up a lot of entrepreneur-targeted books, partly for my own interests, and partly to find titles that could be useful or helpful to those of you, my readers, who are or aspire to work from home. And, <sigh> a lot of those titles aren’t very exciting. Or, they are exciting, but it turns out implementing the challenges within requires more information or another skill set. Sometimes, the content in the books is rock solid, and boring as watching paint dry.

rethink happyI can honestly say, I really enjoyed reading Rethink Happy. I put that down to several characteristics of the book.

  1. The content is presented in a parable type format. So, we have the story of the fictional “Cleve,” and his struggles with both work and family. We enjoy his meetings with “Camino,” who walks him through the initial steps of understanding how – and why – he should change his life.
  2.  Although he is a character, and possibly, a little stereotyped, we all know Cleve. Sometimes we’ve been Cleve (more often than we’d like to admit). Sometimes, we’ve been married to Cleve (but possibly not as often as we felt like we were). 
  3. Camino’s lessons for Cleve are, well, real. There is an honesty, a ring of authenticity to the ideas he presents, the facts he brings up, and the experiences he leads Cleve into.

Much of the content in this book was not, technically, new to me. In fact, Camino’s discussion and explanation of Lectio Divina caught my attention, particularly, since I only learned about this practice within the past year. The difference in this book is that Camino’s presentation – and Cleve’s efforts to step up – are refreshing and relatable. 

Rethink Happy is a comparably short book. The Amazon Kindle app suggests an average reading time of less than three hours. I would have happily read the entire book at one sitting, had I had the time to do so. But, the book is set up in many chapters that are quite short, and quick to read through. There’s no need to get bogged down, and if you only have a few moments (as I have found myself several times this season), you can still grab a quick read and move onto the next part of the story.

I highly recommend this book for all adults – not only entrepreneurs, and not only for those who work outside the home. It’s far too easy in this information age to lose sight of what we really want and get caught up in the busy-ness of life. Rethink Happy gives quickly delivered, straighforward steps to getting back on track. I also believe this is an excellent book for high schoolers to read. Granted, I think that much of this book will be outside of their realm of experience; but, perhaps later in life, when they find themselves on the slippery slopes of work, family, and time, that they’re recall some of Cleve and Camino’s conversations.

Rethink Happy is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.


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