Real-world 3D Printing: Spark your Imagination!

real-world 3D printingYou may have picked up from other posts 😉 that we do some 3D printing here in our house. (If you missed it, check here and here… and, oh, yes, here.) real-world 3D printingFor the time being – until I can scrape up the money – we’re using 3D printing pens. But the boys have access to 3D printers at our library, and the kids in the programs there do some really fun things. However, maybe it’s the mom in me, or maybe it’s the educator in me… as much as I like to have fun, I’m always looking to show kids real-world 3D printing. 

Here, we can see ways that companies are using 3D printing, on the same scale of the items most of us can make at home, in libraries, or maker spaces, but how the items are being used in various ways. I found it interesting  to hear how they reclaim and recycle all the material used in the actual printing process.

In this video, we hear about the future of the construction process (as in, full size buildings).

This architect shares how 3D printing is really opening up new ways of construction, and how 3D printing is something straight out of… nature? Really? Really.

This was an interesting one. Fair warning: this is the longest video in the group, and I would normally have rejected it for that reason. But it’s pretty interesting – this company wants to bring in sustainable 3D printed houses that will produce their own energy, but are having trouble making their case. For that reason, they’re going to build and donate two houses as test cases, to demonstrate how the process works.

The next video is all in French, but no worries if you don’t understand the language. The video speaks for itself. The message? 3D printing is not just for Earth…

In the next video, well, it’s just a montage of cool 3D printing. Seriously, they’re great closeups and detail of the exact work that computer directed 3D printing can do. (And it is cool…)

There you have it – just a quick round-up to get imaginations fired up and going. When things are getting a little too serious (or worse yet, dull) during your homeschooling day, take a break, pour some lemonade, and spend a half an hour watching these videos and getting excited about all the ideas.