Rabbit Pirates!

Our family has been fortunate enough to test a couple of new games for RoosterFin games. If you aren’t familiar with this company, I encourage you to go check out their selection of tabletop games. They are fresh and – important for families – accessible to a wide range of ages.

I’m going to share something else here – as much as we enjoy gaming… there are games I veto. I enjoy Catan… but with all the expansions our kids like to play with, if they haven’t started setting up an hour before dinner, NOPE. Civilization requires making “reservations” with Mom. (The first time we played it took us a full week to finish the game. One entire evening was dedicated to set up.)

RoosterFin games do not fall into this category. For the non-gamer-practical streak in me, there are two  big factors that make me love the games.

  1. They are quick. I don’t mean they’re over fast (we have Fuse for that). I mean They are quick to set up and quick to learn.
  2. They are fun. Period. Not fund to play with your kids. Not fun for the kids while the adults just get to make memories. Everyone is making great memories because everyone is having fun.

Let’s get started with today’s game: Rabbit Pirates Shoot the Loot!

Here’s the scene: Four rabbits (the descendants of pirates, because, historically, pirates include rabbits…) are attempting to retrieve treasure from three islands. Each rabbit (player) is dealt a stack of cards which are cannon loads. Players play cards face down at each island, and all cards are turned over simultaneously. The strongest cannon load wins the treasure chest currently available. When all treasure chests have been claimed, players tally their scores and the highest wins.

There are a few twists: Not every chest contains treasure. And you have to figure out the best way to play your cards – a “cottonball” cannon load is not as powerful as a “meatball!”

The kids really got into this game, and have pulled it out a few times aside from game nights to play on their own – notable since this is usually reserve for Monopoly, Karma (the card game) and Risk.

The only snag on this game: In its current form, it only accommodates up to four players. As a family of five, this was kind of a drag. However, I reached out to Roosterfin and it looks like there might be hope for an expansion!

You can purchase Rabbit Pirates (and check out all of the other wonderful Roosterfin games) by visiting their website. You also want to check out their page on Facebook to keep up with the latest news!


I received Rabbit Pirates at no cost for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed here is my own and influenced by no one else. This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.