Portable power

2016080111fec87b555c8c2ea041e3ee9904a5ba582b662dc9We’re always on the go, and frankly, my phone and iPad tend to run out of juice before I get to another outlet. 

Maybe it’s all that search, texting, and streaming I’m doing?

2016080111bbdfed2afd656d6f2c8757322c6f2f5b42b5dadeAnyway, I’ve come to rely on portable power banks, and I’ve written them up in the past. I was kind of sad when my most reliable one died on me recently, so I was glad to pick up this iHome Executive Portable Battery. It’s super slim, and weighs nothing compared with my other power banks. Believe me, when you’re toting an iPad, a phone, and other sundries you and your kids will need throughout the day, every ounce in that bag counts. So I appreciate lightweight when it comes to my purse, and that it’s not lightweight when it comes to performance.

I received one portable power battery, exactly like the one pictured, at no cost for testing and review purposes.