Plastic Bento Boxes

plastic bento box setThis set of plastic bento boxes from Sunsella are the perfect size and configuration for the occasional meal we need to take along. They could be for traditional sandwich or salad and sides as well as those snazzy bento style lunches on all the trendy websites (which, I suspect, have full time food stylists).

The colored lids are cheerful, but I like them because they help keep straight which meal is for whom. This way, I can pack an antipasto lunch for my husband and a vegan, dairy free meal for a child and not worry one of them will get the other’s.

They are not leak-proof. The product does come with tips for help avoid leaks, such as covering with plastic wrap prior to putting on the lid. There is also a suggestion to secure the lid with a rubber band. This surprised me a little, because (even though I know they’re not leakproof), the lids snap on fairly snugly. I would be confident about the lids keeping in “dry” finger foods (crackers, pretzels, veggies), but I don’t rough-house with them. I suppose if I was packing them off for a child and not carrying them myself, the rubber band would be extra insurance.

Since they’re safe for the freezer, I can pack ahead and have them ready to go. I really, REALLY need to be able to do what I can WHEN I can, so if I can pack Wednesday’s dinners on Sunday afternoon — being able to keep them in the freezer is fantastic. They are also microwave compatible. We don’t have a microwave in our home, so I haven’t tried that feature.

The containers are top rack dishwasher safe, but I won’t wash them in there. They take up too much space in our current dishwasher, and besides, they was up REALLY fast by hand.

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