I received free access to PhotoMamas MasterClass at no cost for review purposes. Any opinions expressed in this post are mine alone.

Everyone’s got a smartphone now, and taking pictures comes as naturally as breathing. We don’t even think about it. Even before my iPhone days, when I had a simple flip phone,  I learned pretty quick that, if I didn’t want to miss a moment, I could snap it with that gadget.

It wasn’t always this way. When our boys were tiny, at first, we made regular appointments at the photography studio. That can get pricey… and what about all the other, precious, every-day-life moments we want to remember between?

So, once we purchased our first digital camera, I developed a new philosophy. Just take gazillions of pictures. Theoretically, I would learn something along the way, but even if I didn’t, just by statistics, some of those images would turn out good… right?

Well, my plan did work… although it generally meant hundreds of pics to sift through. Smart phones have made this easier in some ways, that is, until I need to go back and find a picture. Heaven help me if I don’t remember the date I took it. And then, still, I’ll have to go through the 99% of the pictures that didn’t turn out.

So, if you find yourself with limited photography skills, as I did, or if you just want to get great shots of your family, you’ll want to check out PhotoMamas Master Class

PhotoMamas Master Class is offered by Evan, a professional photographer and mom who understands those moments we want to capture, and gives you the information to develop the skills and techniques to take great pictures.

A significant amount of information in the course is technical about using cameras. If you own an actual camera, this course will show you what all those buttons are for, when and how to use them to get the best results. But I found great help for any situation. Evan gives great information on things as basic – but complicated for someone like me- as light, pespective, and even props. She has an amazing capacity to get across her concepts, and illustrates them using photographs she’s taken. Her samples are excellent – not just excellent photos (which they are), but great models that show you exactly how to do what she’s talking about. They were so effective, I found myself tearing up at some of them, and they weren’t even my family members. Still, you can see the effect of her photos, they’re almost storytelling, through these techniques she shares.

This course is absolutely packed with content. At first, I thought I’d blaze through it pretty quick – the videos are long. But they are jammed with information. Evan has no fluff at all in her content. You know those videos you get to where the instructor is chatting or telling stories? When Evan tells you a story, it’s specifically teaching a concept, and then she’s on to the next one. I found myself stopping the video because I wanted to examine samples a bit longer, take notes, or just because it was so much content to try and assimilate.

To get the absolute most out of PhotoMamas Master Class, you want to have a real camera (not just a smartphone). There is just a lot of information presented that applies specifically to cameras themselves. That said, I learned so much from Evan just talking about creative elements, I’m excited about the future my pictures, and not feeling like I need to take a thousand shots to get just a few that we like.

You can learn more about PhotoMamas by visiting Evan’s website. If you’re wanting some of those amazing shots we all see online, this is the ticket. Take Evan’s course and start creating your own collection of family portraits.


I received free access to PhotoMamas MasterClass via Ravuit at no cost for review purposes. Any opinions expressed in this post are mine alone.