Origami for Young and Not-so-Young

origami paper
Sweet heart.

I am very much enjoying this origami paper. The papers are all cut uniformly, with the solid color on one side, and a white-ish/gray hue on the other. Each sheet folds very nicely and neatly, creasing easily. All figures I’ve folded so far have held their shapes very well.

origami paper
A box for small treasures

On occasion, I will do some origami with the boys. I don’t make a big deal out of it, and try to keep it in the “craft” activity as opposed to “school.” But… really, there’s so much to origami. The more designs you learn, the more you become familiar with the ratios and mathematical relationships between various shapes and angles. Myself, in October, I learned how to make a perfect pentagon, just using folds and then one perfectly placed scissor cut. That pentagon, in turn, can be folded into a five point star.

origami paper
A little house. Great first project for kids.

If you’ve never tried origami — no fear and no worries. I’m sure the library is full of books on it, but honestly, there is so much to be learned from the web. People are usually really happy to share their projects and knowledge.

Click for directions to make your own evergreen tree!

This is a wonderful addition to any household, and can be great for the holidays. Whether you’re thinking of a gift for a crafty child… or just need some busy-activities for kids that aren’t quite so messy — origami paper is a great option!

origami paper

The nice this about this set, in addition to the paper quality, is the GREAT variety of colors — no matter what your project, you’ll find the color (or colors) that you can use in here. And with 500 sheets, it will keep you in stock for a while.

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