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RapierRapier is a really fun book by Doc Corea. Imagine combining the best parts of space travel with the best aspects of pirate stories. Now, add in an element of honor… and some bad guys with no honor at all.

I was delighted recently to read Rapier, a fast-paced, science fiction, swashbuckling novel from R.A. “Doc” Correa. Refreshing in its approach to the adventure novel genre, Rapier takes the reader to the reaches of outer space, traveling along with a crew of highly skilled privateers.

The main character, Kathy Masters, had gotten her big break: a contract with Galactic Geographic to photograph a new planet. It’s a dream come true… until her ship is taken by pirates, and she finds herself their captive. The next decade or so of Kathy’s life makes for an entertaining and engaging read.

I think what I personally enjoyed most…

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Written by Sandra Girouard

Sandra Girouard

Sandra is a wife, mother, business owner, and community volunteer. She works from home, which really means sometimes from home, sometimes from the car, the library, the airport, or wherever she needs to be at the time. She likes to read, garden, and watch Science Fiction of one sort or another while knitting or crocheting.

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