My Playful Kitchen

my playful kitchenMy Playful Kitchen is a lovely book in several ways.

It’s a great resource for selecting recipes to prepare with your children. Ally Nathaniel did a great job of coming up with recipes where you and your child are working side by side. It’s not you making the recipe and your child just helping. You help each other. You are partners in the preparation. The tools, ingredients, and steps for preparation are presented visually as well as in text. Pre- and emergent readers will be able to keep up with what is needed and what to do alongside those who are reading fluently.

my playful kitchenSecond, the recipes are really good – while they are all foods that will appeal to children, the flavors and textures will appeal to all ages. I love the idea of sharing the experience of both preparing a meal and enjoying it – genuinely – with a child.

my playful kitchen

Third – this is a visually beautiful book. The illustrations, while practical and instructive, are also attractive and engaging. I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised to have a young child request this for a bed time “story.”

I received a complimentary electronic copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are mine, alone. This post contains affiliate links.