Monster Mob- Fun Preschool Math “Tutor”

preschool math gameMonster Mob is a fun card game for the younger set – and Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa will all have fun playing along while helping the littles with their preschool math.

Basically, you have a deck of (very thick) cards. Each cards is either printed with a monster, or is a “catch” card.

The deck is divided evenly between two players, and each player keeps his or her deck face down.

Next, they turn over their cards, one at a time, at the same time. As long as both players are turning over monsters, this continues.

preschool math game cardWhen one player turns over a “catch” card, whatever number is on that card is how many chances the other player has to also  turn over a catch card. If the other player turns over a catch card within the number of chances, the play continues. If the other player does not turn over another catch card in his or her chances… Then the first player wins all of that players monsters so far!

As you can see, the game is simple and very much based on the lack of the draw. As I said, this game is very much geared for the younger set. My oldest (13) saw me opening the game and was all set to sit down for a rousing hand of… something. About halfway through, it dawned on him that the game is all chance, with just opportunities to practice counting to four… I had a good laugh at his realization.

preschool math game cardLittle kids will adore Monster Mob. The individual monster cards are fun and goofy, interesting to look at, and not scary in the least. The catch cards give lots of practice in those early counting skills, a perfect preschool math practice game. Plus, player get to speculate… can you really catch more monsters with a ball and chain than with a vacuum cleaner?

preschool math card gameMonster Mob is a card game, but these are super sturdy and extra-thick cards, to hold up to the most enthusiastic young card player. (For that reason, they are almost impossible to shuffle. I recommend oaring them flat on the table and pushing them around, much as we shuffle dominoes.)

I received a complimentary set of Monster Mob for testing and review purposes.
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