May the FAITH Be With You Holy Bible

The other day, we got a surprise. This was in our mailbox:


Now, I didn’t order this, nor did I request to write a review of it. Sometimes, it’s fun to get surprised like this in the mail.


This time, though, I’ll admit – I was skeptical. I suspected some commercialization… I’m always hesitant to “market” the Almighty in alignment with current culture fads.

That said: My 10yo’s old nearly snapped off, whipping his head around and then asking, “What’s that?”


So, I thought, maybe I should step back and be less judge-y.

And I opened the book.


This is a nice turn on the study bible for tweens and teens – yes, there is a piggy-back element on a certain space-focused franchise. But the contents are still the bible (the NIrV translation), and there are some nice features.

There are inset pages:

  • Ways of Wisdom
  • Master Moments
  • Use the Force

Each inset page focuses either on a passage of scripture or on reflections of how truths in scripture should be realized in our daily lives.

There is wonderful outer space imagery. This isn’t scifi fantasy with ships and aliens – these are images with majesty, and a strong reminder of the wonder of all creation.

May the FAITH Be With You Holy Bible would be a great holiday gift for any young person who’s interested in space travel, space stories… or even science, technology, engineering, or (real life) space exploration. It’s available in both print and Kindle edition.


I received a free, unsolicited copy of the May the FAITH Be With You Holy Bible, I assume, for review purposes. Any opinions expressed here are mine alone. This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.