Lumpy Cubes

IMG_5177Lumpy Cubes is a super-simple and quick to learn game that just might be the ticket for your kids.

It comes with a deck of cards.


And four sets of cubes.


The cubes? They’re not flat. In fact, you might say they’re lumpy.


The idea is easy: Each player chooses a color.

Next, the deck is shuffled and placed face down.

Time to play:

  • The top card is drawn, and shown to all players for ten seconds.
  • The card is set face-down, and on the count of three, all players race to see who can replicate the stack the quickest!


It sounds simply, and it is. The one bit I wasn’t expecting is that each cube actually has two faces. But that’s just good news, because it increases the possibilities.

Lumpy Cubes is designed for one to four players. It’s a great way to kill some time on a rainy afternoon, and being able to play as a solitaire game is a bonus.

This is definitely a game that will appeal to your younger set. The box says it’s for ages six and older. I honestly think kids younger than that would love this game: the colors of the cubes, the faces, and matching the patterns. You might want to take the competitive aspect out and just let the kids really practice identifying and replicating patterns. This is great practice for sequencing, symbol identification, patterning… you name it. Just keep the cubes away from kids under three. They’re not terribly small, but it’s always best to keep safety first with young ones who still put items in their mouths.

You can find Lumpy Cubes on Amazon (affiliate link).

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