Living History

A side note, before I get into the content: Sorry I’ve been so absent. We had a rough beginning part of the year – our youngest was in the hospital three times between January and the beginning of April. We’re all fine now, but mercy, just when you think you catch your breath… Then we moved mid-April. Somehow, we kept going on schoolwork, finished on time, and even advanced in Tae Kwon Do ranking to blue belt with a red stripe. We took June off from schoolwork, and are doing a soft-reboot this week. I’m glad to be back.




Yesterday was Independence Day, and we spent it at American Village, a center for historical re-enactments.¬†This was our fourth-fourth (see what I did there? ūüėČ ) in a row, and I expect we’ll go back again next year.

We heard some excellent speakers.

We were greeted shortly upon arrive by Mr. Franklin. Later, he spoke about colonial fire fighting. Mr. Franklin helped organize the first fire fighting companies in Philadelphia.

IMG_4302Eliza Hamilton shared with us insights into her husband Alexander’s personal and political life.

IMG_4294Mr. Jefferson’s session was outstanding. We heard him give a speech last year. This year, instead, he invited us to ask questions. It was¬†fascinating how closely the 17th century issues that Mr. Jefferson spoke on so closely parallel issues in our current culture. The room full of people was spellbound – how often can you say¬†that about a presentation on history or politics!

While there was much that was lovely, there were some grim truths, too. This gentleman served as a field surgeon and shared insights into treatments for wounds, training of his assistants.


We were also treated to some lovely period tunes.

As an individual, I enjoy the events, and as a mom, I appreciate activities like these that our entire family can enjoy (and I feel good about). It’s events like these – where history becomes so real, and so relatable – that instill a life long desire to continue learning.

This has become an event we look forward to every year, and fully expect to be back next year for our fifth fourth!