Little Women – Now, as Then

I hope that you were able to enter the giveaway for a Fandango gift card to see Little Women. I have to say, I’m impressed.

Fair warning: If you are a purist, and only interested in a close retelling of the original tale, this film will not be for you. That said…

I hope that you’ll be a little openminded.

This newly released re-telling of the story is something particular, something special. 

Let me step aside for a moment.

I’ve been reading Prairie Fires (this is an affiliate link) and enjoying it quite a bit, especially the first section. I’ve read other biographies of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but Prairie Fires give a historical context to the lives of Ma and Pa Ingalls (before they married) and to Laura’s growing up years that I never quite picked up in any other. One of the things that struck me was how, although the family moved about quite a bit in an effort to secure and build a homestead, they often bumped into the same families and the same individuals (or relatives of them) with whom one member of the Ingalls family or another didn’t get along. But when you live in a town of 500, chances are you will not only run into these folks, but you’ll be dependent on each other. Reading about these interactions, I thought how it is so easy in our current day to lay the blame for bad behavior or hurt feelings on social media. How many times have we said, “I can’t believe s/he posted/said…” And perhaps we unfollow or even block that person. (It would seem the folks in the towns the Ingalls lived in had to learn some ways to get along. I think they might have been better off than we in that respect.)

My point is that social stress isn’t something new, brought on my social media. Social media is a convenient distraction, a scapegoat, for an issue that’s been with human beings likely our entire existence.

This new re-telling of Little Women shows us something similar. Families – sisters, mothers, fathers… we can endure the same joys, the same sorrows… the context may differ slightly, but some truths remain. How we choose to live out our lives, the actions themselves and the motivations behind them… those are what that make the difference.

If you’re unsure… watch the movie. (Bring your kleenex.)

I received the opportunity to pre-screen Little Women at no cost for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinion expressed is mine alone.
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