Same Kind of Different as Me For Kids

Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids was written by the same authors who wrote the original best seller, Same Kind of Different as Me. Denver grew up a child of poor sharecroppers. One day, he decided to see the world, and jumped on a train. When the train stopped, he was in Fort Worth. With no education, no proper clothing, and no skills, Denver found himself on the street, eating from trashcans and growing angrier by the day. When he met Miss Debbie and her husband, things began to change. Denver learned to read and write, and, through the actions of this couple, began to believe their words that God loved even him.

But… the backstory behind the children’s version will touch your heart. While traveling across the country, telling their story and trying to make a difference for the homeless population, a young boy chanced to hear their story. His little heart was so touched by hearing that Denver had never had a real toy as a child, he told his mother that he wanted to give Denver his own toy fire truck. A few days later, his mother took him and he was able to present the truck. Denver was so struck at this child’s selfless gesture of kindness, he decided they should write a version of their story just so that young children could read it.


Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids is a wonderful reselling of Denver and Ron’s story. We hear about Denver’s early life as the child of sharecroppers, its joys and its hardships. We hear about the extreme poverty, and the determination of young Denver who overcomes an enormous obstacle to earn a bicycle, and how that same determination wasn’t enough to overcome the obstacles to an education. We learn about Denver’s journey and decent to living on the streets of Fort Worth, and how the efforts of Ron and Miss Debbie, to provide food and clothing and education, showed Denver that God really does love him.


This is one of the best children’s books that I’ve ever read, and I cannot recommend it enough. The lesson that Denver learned must be understood by all of us, and that little boy who gave him the firetruck understood immediately:


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