Keurig® K475 Coffee Maker

imageDear Readers,

You all know that I am partial to my French press – particularly since I switched to a double walled version. I like making a pot that will last me until we are ready to settle in for a day’s work. I like that the double wall keeps it hot. When we’re on the road, I miss my French press, but I’ve taken to bringing along a pour over — (and, yes, I bring my own ground coffee).

But… In the past couple weeks, I got this email from Influenster – I was (more than a little ) surprised to read they were sending me a Keurig machine. Not, “Would you like a Keurig Machine?” But, “Yay! We’ve sent you a Keurig machine!”

Well, I remarked my surprise to my husband, and went on with life. I figured I’d pick up a small box of k-cups so I could give it a fair testing, report back what I thought, and then go back to my French press. My husband started lobbying  to have the machine in his office, to heat hot water.

You see, we had a Keurig previously for a time. It was good at what it did, but – back then – it wasn’t that much. This was in 2010. We were running a BnB, it was a good, cost effective option for guests who only wanted a cup, or when only one guest wanted coffee. More cost effective per cup than pouring a pot down the drain. Also used it to make iced tea (old school – no pods specifically for iced tea, then), and general water heating. When the BnB closed, I gave it away. Only made one size serving

Monday, the box with the Keurig arrived.


WOW. Huge improvement in 10 years.

imageNew machine:

  • Makes servings from 4 ounces up to 32 ounces.
  • Can use my nice cup and saucer sets
  • I can make a pot for company (yay!)
  • Has an optional water filter: better flavor; better maintenance
  • Has a “maintenance accessory”
  • Reusable filter – so much better than the one I had gotten previously
  • Kids like it – hot chocolate, tea (hot or iced). Easy
  • HUsband (not a coffee drinker) is pretty interested – for hot chocolate, for the occasional vanilla latte… (Maybe he’ll get on board the coffee train here at home, now…)

I want to add in something here — my thinking about needing to pick up some k-cups to give a fair test? I really sold Influenster short – they weren’t leaving something like that to chance. Along with the coffee maker, they sent:

  • I still can't believe how thoroughly prepared Influenster and Keurig made sure I was when it came to testing this coffee maker.
    I still can’t believe how thoroughly prepared Influenster and Keurig made sure I was when it came to testing this coffee maker.

    30 k-mugs (make up to 16 ounces of coffee each)

  • 72 k-cups (making up to 12 ounces of coffee each)
  • And
  • A water filter starter kit (water filter holder and two cartridges)
  • A 32 ounce carafe (for company – or for those mornings when I just want to reach and pour, not keep getting up to brew again)
  • A “maintenance accessory” (this is a little widget for cleaning the brewing apparatus – easy-least to use.
  • A carousel for all the brewing pods they sent.

So… Yes, the was a hugely generous #voxbox, but more to the point, Influenster sent me all the tools to really give this machine a thorough testing. My favorite of all the optional gadgets?

  1. The water filtration kit. Honestly, each place we move or go, I really, really notice the change in the water flavor. I recently started using filtered water across the board, including t make my coffee, and I notice it tastes so much better. With this, the water filtration is part of the coffee making system. Plus, it’s better for the machine, too – no residual deposits on the internal heating reservoir. Believe me, that adds up.
  2. The carafe. It’s thickly double walled. This baby will keep my coffee hot no matter how crazy the air conditioning runs this summer! #lifeinthesouth It’s also stainless steel, so it matches all my other much valued #buyonce stainless steel kitchen tools.

imageUpdated to add: I have been using this Keurig now for a month, and I’m really, really appreciating it. Aside from getting that first, treasured cup of coffee just a few minutes earlier each morning, it’s been pretty handy in other ways, too. #busymom, remember? Well, I’ve used the Keurig to make instant rice as  side for dinner on thos really busy days and even fruit teas (freeze dried fruit + hot water + a bit of stevia = infused water ON THE DOUBLE!).  My husband, who is not a coffee drinker, has become sufficiently intrigued that, in a couple weeks (when I can pry my fingers off of it), the Keurig is going to spend some time in his office, so he can give it a test run himself (not really. I think he already knows he wants it, but it’s good to give things a try, right?).

So, once more, MANY thanks to #Influenster for including me in this campaign and letting me check out all the amazing innovations in this machine. Questions? Pop them in the comments here (Facebook & Instagram are good, too. If you ask me on Twitterplease tag me so I see it!)

I received this Keurig machine and all accessories from Influenster and Keurig
at no cost for testing and review purposes.
Any opinions expressed here are mine alone.