Keeping things organized

Well. I remember in my third or fourth year of working, in my second job out of college, someone commented on how organized I was. At that moment, I was. But, I explained that I wasn’t actually an (naturally) organized person, and I really need to impose organization on myself, using all the tools and mechanisms they were seeing that prompted the comment.

The truth is, the first year I worked, in my first job out of college, I had some serious lapses of organization. The most egregious was my desk. You just don’t know. This was pre-email, and I received so many memos that year, with absolutely no context which were important long term and which could be read, noted and discarded. So I saved them all. We are probably talking (no joke) eight to ten reams of paper. I saved them all. On top of my desk. I had a filing cabinet, but (for some illogical reason), I didn’t use it for those multitudinous memos. But, dagnabit, I saved them. Near the end of that first year, at my annual evaluation, one of the two directives of necessary improvement listed was to clean off my desk. (Yes, that was in my record.)

I got better (obviously, since someone even commented on it later). But organization has remained an issue tat does not come naturally to me. I need to think about it, face it head on. I’ve learned I’d rather do that then deal with the frustration that comes from being dissatisfied with how things turn out when I don’t.

So, I became a plan-your-work, work-your-plan girl. When I do this, it works. Every time. Yesterday, I posted about working while homeschooling. Absolutely, no way could I have had any level of success without planning, and sticking with my plan.

As a result, I have become just a little (okay, more than a little) enamored of planners. I do use Google calendars (multiple calendars) to organize my work and family, and I use as well for setting phone appointments (yep, any one of you can set a time to call me, and I’ll pick up).

But planners are kind of like books. I read ebooks massively; still, there’s nothing like paper. And I do love a paper planner.

 This planner has been a fantastic tool. I'm so sad the publisher has discontinued it, and am already searching for next year's replacement.
This planner has been a fantastic tool. I’m so sad the publisher has discontinued it, and am already searching for next year’s replacement.

There is something for me about connecting in a tactile way with my notes and plans. I use a paper planner for my blog organization, and up until last year, I used one for homeschool planning and record keeping. I love being able to flip from one page to another, back and forth between the same parts of different months. I love being able to refer to a series of goals and action steps enough to “suffer” through plotting them out, whether it’s the grammar assignments for the year or blog post topics for the upcoming season.

So, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you this giveaway. I did not anticipate a giveaway being part of this #31DaysofHomeschoolReflection, but this offer from DaySpring came up for partipants in the #Write31Days challenge. It is amazing. The prize is a $100 DaySpring gift card, which you can use to shop on their website. DaySpring has a lovely array of planners, with inspirational, beautiful, and just fun offerings. Plus, they have gifts, home decor, tote bags, mugs… Everything you need to put your planner in your tote bag and head to a coffee shop where you can organize away while enjoying a quiet cup of joe… Or, you could enter the giveaway and use that gift card to load up on Christmas gifts for others.

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