The Investigator’s Holy Bible

IMG_1911Normally, I’m not a fan of making learning or study fun for kids. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against fun. It just seems to me that something either is fun, or isn’t. When we start trying too hard to make something be something it isn’t, we should take another look.

In general, this approach has served me well. I have no qualms about telling a child, “Look. This just isn’t any fun. Let’s just do it so it’s over with and we don’t have to deal with it anymore. And let’s get it done right, so we don’t have to suffer through it again!”

More often, though, if something is turning out to be less fun that we’d like, I try to reconsider our approach. Most things – such as learning – I figure people wouldn’t have been doing for hundreds of years unless there was a reward. We just need to find the reward.

For children who are reluctant readers, I can see how studying from a book… particularly a not-easy-to-read book might be off-putting. So, the question comes up: How do we help them discover the reward?

IMG_1904The folks at Zonderkidz have done a pretty nice job of this with The Investigator’s Holy Bible. What’s that, you may wonder. It’s a great new study Bible specifically formatted with kids in mind.

Leading the way are Mateo and Isabella, a couple of everyday-looking kids who also “talk” like regular kids. The backstory: Mateo and Isabella found the Bible to be not-so-easy to read and understand, so they sought out pastors, teachers, and special books to help them understand. And then they wrote out special clues for other kids who want to “investigate” the Bible. The clues come in several forms and are peppered throughout the scriptures.


 The Evidence

Case Closed!

 The Scene

 The Witnesses


Check the Facts



Evidence boxes come at the beginning of each book of the Bible and are full of facts about what the reader can expect: Who wrote it? When? What’s it about? and… What’s the best part?

These boxes answers questions kids might as, like, “Just who Were the Philistines, anyway?”

These sections include geographical descriptions and information that is important to understanding a verse.


Explanations and history of the names of people in the Bible – now kids will know why those names might be so long, or hard to pronounce.

Mini-quizzes let kids check and see what they’ve learned.


Reviewing the passages, these sections lead kids in pondering how the events in a particular book of the Bible relate to them as individuals.

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Mateo and Isabella (and the clever writers behind them) have taken what could be a very challenging study for some readers and shown a flashlight onto clues that will help them uncover the truths in the pages, waiting to be discovered!

The Investigator’s Holy Bible is available on Amazon in hardcover, imitation coral leather cover, or imitation blue leather cover.

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