If you were me and Lived in… The #MiddleAges

I’m happy to have another wonderful book from Carol Roman’s series, If You Were Me and Lived In… The Middle Ages.

Like her other books, Mrs. Roman has done a masterful job of both describing the era in great detail while holding our rapt attention (adults and children alike). I adore how her books really make the era feel alive, and like a simple conversation between two children – the one listening reading, and the one telling about what life is like.

This particular book is narrated from a girl’s perspective, and a girl living in a family of privileged class. She provides a child’s description of her busy life.


We learn where she lives, and about her family’s daily life


The role of religion in her daily life, and in the futures of her siblings, who will join the clergy as adults.


We learn about the daily activities of children, and how their education differs (radically!) from today.


This pleasant and well-mannered young lady teaches us about the demands on people in different levels of society, and how she appreciates that she is not so different. Although her family now lives in a castle, her father was once a landless night…


Others must toil quite hard simply to make a living.


I’ve included many pictures I took of the book to show the wonderful, dreamlike quality that illustrator Mateya Arkova gives us. I love how it parallels our knowledge of the Middle Ages, where we have some history in written form, but not as much as from subsequent historical eras.

If You Were Me and Lived In… The Middle Ages is available in print and in Kindle format from Amazon, and it is also available through Kindle Unlimited. Click here to start your free, 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited (you don’t need a Kindle to use it!)

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