I LOVE my laminator

Like countless others who work with children, I love preserving my really useful decorations and my custom (by me!) made learning tools using a laminator. They looked better, they held up, and they’d last me for years. It wasn’t always a fast process, but it was well worth the time put in.


When my boys were preschoolers, not having a home laminator, I used the “peel and stick” version to laminate one side of pages I’d print and color out. The results weren’t as good, but it got the job done for a while.

Later, I invested in a small heat laminator for our home. What a blessing! We’ve used it for decorating as well as learning materials. The boys have made games and been able to print and laminate the “board” and playing tokens, and I’ve used it to make signage for booths at trade shows. Who knew something could be so all around useful?


This morning, we made some information signs for our church fellowship hall. It was really easy, and the signs look really great. (Sorry about the “leaves,” had to cover up addresses!)

laminatorRecently, I’ve been using this laminator from Marigold. It has an additional setting. My previous laminator had settings for 3 mil and 5 mil pouches; the Marigold has both of those settings, as well as a cold setting. I love the idea of using the device, with its smoothing rollers, to use cold lamination pouches as well. My boys have only just started laminating on their own – previously, the heat was a safety concern. The option for cold pouches opens up more possibilities. (I strongly urge you to only have your children use any laminator with adult supervision, regardless of temperature.)

In using the Marigold laminator, I was at first a little put out – the directions seemed really sparse. I quickly learned that’s because it’s so easy to use, and it wasn’t just because I’ve used laminators previously. The instruction booklets contains all the operational information that you need, and there are indicators right on the machine to help you know where to load the pouches, and what settings the machine is currently running – cold, 3 mil, or 5 mil pouches.

My Marigold laminator arrived with two pouches to try (which worked great). I then tested it with name brand thermal laminating pouches I picked up at the local office supply store. They worked perfectly.

laminator filmYou can find the Marigold laminator on Amazon, and you can also find replacement pouches there as well.

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