Help with Fractions

Help with FractionsThis post definitely does not fall under my category of “sneaky math,” because there’s nothing sneaky about this book. However, I think it’s a very, very useful book if you are looking for some help with fractions and percents.

Fractions and Percentages: For Primary School Students

In general, I find this book very satisfactory in how it covers the concepts. With my oldest, I would not have used this as an introductory text. It’s too abstract for his way of thinking. However, I think my middle son would read this and be like, “Of course!”

The book is in six sections, and in each section the author includes LOTS of explanations and examples, each followed by a set of practice problems. Sections contain more than one set of instruction/practice problems, but are not set up in “lessons.” So, you really can’t just say, “Do lesson 1,” but it’s more like, do the next lesson, which begins on page <whatever page it is>.

Help with FractionsA couple things:

  • I disagree with the author’s assertion this is for “primary.” The book was published in Israel, and I am wondering if primary refers to different ages/grades there. There are concepts in this book that children in grades 1-3 could relate to, but they are WAY too abstractly presented. I would not present this book to my own, personal children (regardless of inherent math ability) until about 5th or even 6th grade). It’s not so much the content as a more advanced and accelerated way of thinking about it.
  • The book is available through Kindle Unlimited. So if you have the subscription service (we do, and we use it heavily), you can read the book within the service at no additional cost.

This would be a very useful book as well for a child in public/private school who needs extra help with these concepts. The author may be a bit abstract, but he is not stingy with words or pages when it comes to providing explanations.

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