GrowVeg Garden Planner

The GrowVeg Garden Planner is a fantastic resource for all gardening situations.

GrowVeg Garden PlannerI’ll admit. When I first came upon this tool, I was curious but only because I’m always curious to see how people leverage technology.  I really didn’t see how this could be an improvement over a simple journal.

I have a favorite old garden journal. It has a leather cover that’s well worn, and frankly, is beat to tar. It has sketches on graph paper from different seasons and different years, lists of plants to grow, dates of planting and harvest and amounts harvested. It’s a record, but as you might imagine, I have a certain attachment to it, as well.

Now, I don’t know that a technologically slick service like the GrowVeg garden planner can replace my journal in my heart… but, once I began digging in, it certainly got my attention.

GrowVeg Garden PlannerGrowVeg Garden Planner is far more than just a garden planner. It’s an all-in-one resource like I’ve never come across. If you ever needed to look something up — it’s in here. If you ever needed to look something up for your garden, and didn’t even know you needed to know… it’s in here.

When you first sign up, the planner asks you for location information so that it can calculate appropriate plants and seasons for you. The Garden Planner adapts to your own area using a database of over 5000 weather stations. After that, you’re free to explore.

GrowVeg Garden Planner
Customizes to your location. Slick.

On the main landing page, there are always a list of video tutorials available — and you can watch them without even leaving the page. Topics include

  • New Features and Garden Objects
  • Quick Start Video (for people like me who want to jump right in)
  • Drawing Your Garden Plan
  • Adding Plants and Varieties
  • Planting Reminders and Frost Dates
  • Next Year’s Plan and Crop Roataion
  • Succession Planting
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Printing and Sharing your plan

The garden plans are incredible. You can create a plan for just about any garden configuration you have. You input the dimensions of the garden space you’re planning, then drag your plants where you want them. Each plant has a sort of color cloud around it that indicates the spacing. Think of it as the space that the roots will be taking up underground. It’s a great way to really see how much space each plant will need.

I began by creating plans for the 3′ by 30′ space along the side of our apartment building. After making spring and summer plans, it occurred to me that I could use the planner for my patio garden as well. Honestly, I had a blasts with that. Instead of creating separate plans for the different planting seasons, I created one plan for the year – and made a point of editing each plant with the months for their season. So, as I click through the year, you can see various plants appear, then be replaced by their successors. How cool to see my planned year unfold! To do what I did, you simply enter the months you plan to have each plant in the group (or container). Check out my little video here:


And it’s not just limited to containers — you can draw in walkways, and even plan the layout of your drip irrigation system (and it will create a list of parts you’ll need).

But you’re into square foot gardening, you say? Well, guess what. The GrowVeg Garden Planner has a square foot gardening mode. Enable it, and plan away. All the plants no longer have that “color cloud” I mentioned above to guide your spacing. Instead, each plant becomes a square foot block, and in the block there is a number indicating the number of that plant you can put inside the square foot.

Believe it or not, there’s more.

Any time you can see an icon for a plant, there is a small “i” you can click on. When you do, you get a pop-up with information specific to that plant. Anything you might want to know is in there. the Garden Planner includes information on over 200 herbs, fruits, and vegetables (even trees, I kid you not).

As you progress through your growing season, the Garden Planner will even send you email reminders, up to twice per month, when it’s time to plant something new.

If you stick with the planner for multiple seasons, you get an added benefit. Because the planner remembers what you planted where last, it will keep you informed about crop rotation. If you start to plant something in an area that conflicts with last year’s planting, the Garden Planter will warn you.

What’s awesome is you can create a plan for each season… or you can create a plan for the entire year. And, like my beloved, beat-up journal, you can add notes to your plants and plans to track how they grow. I can see how this would be a fantastic way to track how the same plants thrive differently in different microclimates of the same property.

The GrowVeg Garden Planner works on Mac or PC, and you can register and try it out for free for a full thirty days. It’s just about time here to get serious about autumn gardens. Why not check it out today?

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 I received a subscription to’s garden planner for free in exchange for reviewing the product and hosting this giveaway.