Gorton’s Smart and Crunchy – Giveaway!

LogoLockUp2015Gorton’s and I have been working together this week on dinner… and on letting you know about some great options (and offers) for your family, too.

smart and crunchy
Someone’s hungry (and ready to help with dinner)!

Busy? (who isn’t, right?) This was our Monday this week:

  • Normal work-from-home/homeschooling daytime.
  • 3:30 volunteering
  • Come home, pop dinner in the oven
  • Phone meeting with client
  • Finish phone call to enjoy a hot and delicious dinner, courtesy of Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy.

You all know that I rely heavily on slow cooker recipes, but sometimes… you want something different. Sometimes I don’t want a one-pot meal. Sometimes, you want something…


Gorton’s has you covered when it comes to fast, healthy (and crunchy!) with their Smart & Crunchy line of offerings. Our family enjoyed the Smart & Crunchy fish fillets for dinner that night, with a side of rice. I just popped the rice into the rice cooker before we left for the library — it might have been done if I put it in when we got home, but I was making extra (cooking ahead), and this way, I knew it would be cooked, and the rice cooker will hold the finished rice at a safe temperature until we’re ready to eat.

smart & crunchy
Smarty Crunchman (yes, that’s his name) helping me share Gorton’s goodness with you all.

So — how does Gorton’s get that great, consistent crunch when the product is never fried? They use panko bread crumbs. They give a super, satisfying crunch with no added fat. They’re the same panko bread crumbs I’d buy in the store, but Gorton’s (bless their hearts) does the job of breading the fish fillets for me.

Simply Tilapia. NOT crunchy, but dairy-free and delicious.
Simply Tilapia. NOT crunchy, but dairy-free and delicious.

[Aside for those who pay attention to details: Yes, two of our children have milk-protein sensitivities, and yes, all of the Smart & Crunchy products I was able to find in our local stores contained milk products. However, Gorton’s has n offering called Simply Bake, and the “Signature Seasoning Tilapia” contains no milk products whatsoever. While my husband, one son, and I crunched our way through our fish fillets, our younger two sons inhaled the baked tilapia. Pretty much the only commentary I could get out of them was that it was good, and, “Is there any more?” The Simply Bake was ready in the same amount of time as the Smart & Crunchy, so it wasn’t as if I had to prepare two separate meals (which I hate). Anyway, if you have to deal with milk allergies in your house – it’s okay. Gorton’s has you covered, too.]

smart and crunchy
Delicious, even prepared this simply!

Another endorsement for Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy line: My husband takes a lunch to work daily, and he prefers entrees instead of sandwiches. Usually, I’ll pack up meals portioned out from dinners. There were no leftovers that night, but he pointed out that he has access to a toaster over at work, and specifically suggested that we get some Gorton’s fish for him to take to work for lunch.

Now, I went with simple because I knew I’d be in a big hurry that night. Plus, when I try a new-to-me product for the first time, I like to keep things simple, so I can really focus on the product. That said, Gortons has some GREAT ideas on their website to use their Smart & Crunchy products as a base for lots of appetizing meals:

smart and crunchy
Greek Salad Fish Pitas
smart and crunchy
Fish Taco Salad


smart and crunchy
Creamy Cauliflower Mash with Smart and Crunch Fish Sticks – Oh, YUM.

You can visit SmartandCrunchy.com and:

  • sign up for their newsletter
  • download a coupon (yes!)
  • And even check out their U.S. to meet get samples, coupons, and enter to win prizes!

Speaking of prizes… Thanks to Gorton’s, I have some for you! One winner will receive:

  • An adult sized Gorton’s apron
  • A child sized Gorton’s apron
  • A plush Smarty Crunchman
  • AND coupons for free, full-sized Gorton’s products!

Enter below to win THIS fun package!



Gorton’s generously provided me with the aprons, plush (Smarty Crunchman) and coupons for products so that I could try their products and write this review. They have also very generously provided the prizes for the giveaway, which they will send directly. Any opinion expressed in this review is mine alone.