Gel Pens — With Refills!

Gel pens.

gel pens

We got started with them last year. My kids only recently – as in, within  the last year or so – developed any interest in coloring. 


As a child, colored all the time. This was weird to me it took so long for my kids to take interest.


It’s interesting to watch them now. it’s not like when I was a kid, you got a coloring book, you colored what was in it.


My boys seek out black line drawings online of what interests them and print those out…


And that’s what they color.


This one made it onto a costume!

I admit, I’ve been coloring, too. Not in coloring books, but a little decor for my front door. 


gel pensTo make all of these projects, we used Primocolors gel pens. A pack of 24, I love that they come with a set of refills. This saves a lot of grief, especially when you have several people sharing the same set. Enough ink for everyone – for every project.

I received a set of these pens at no cost for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed is mine, alone. This post contains affiliate links.