Lifewell Garden Hand Trowel

Sweet potatoes in front, tomatoes behind.

I like to spend time with my hands in the dirt. I had gardens in both our homes in Texas, and we had some really great experiences (and great meals). I also put a lot of our own produce up, in the freezer, through home canning, and home dehydrating.

Yum. Zucchini.

Spring through autumn of 2014, we stayed in our RV, and I really didn’t want to bother with putting plants into the ground, so I got serious about container gardening. It was a great learning experience, and again we had some great meals. I didn’t do any preserving, though – space is too limited in an RV, and with my growing children (and their growing appetites), I’m afraid we never had any surplus.

After we moved back into a city center, I had plans for a new patio garden set up, but we were also terribly fortunate in that we moved two blocks away from Jones Valley Teaching Farm. In addition to the educational programs our children have participated in, we (me, the boys, and my husband when he’s available) head over about once a week to help out – whether that’s transplanting, harvesting, or just plain weeding.

When we left Texas, I either sold off or gave away most of my garden tools. We knew the plan was to ultimately settle (for a while, anyway) back in a city center, and it seemed silly to move my tools several hundred miles, only to store them for an undetermined amount of time. So, they’ve been put to good use by others while we got ourselves situated. And now that I have regular chances to work in the dirt again, I’ve been missing my own tools (and getting tired of making do).

trowelFor all these reasons, this garden trowel from Lifewell has been very much appreciated. It’s well built and solid. The blade is metal, and does a good job entering the soil without a lot of work on my part. The handle is plastic, which keeps the weight on the light side. It does not seem a flimsy plastic, though, like some other trowels I’ve looked at in stores. It’s solid — not just another hollow plastic cylinder.

I’ve been using the trowel with my containers, mainly right now to fertilize. The blade is wide enough to pick up the matter that I want, yet slim enough to fit right between individual plants. It’s a great addition to my new gardening set up, and I anticipate enjoying its use for many years to come.

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