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FanTABulous Geography Learning Resource Bundle

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geography learning resourceI so excited to share this opportunity with you

This is one of the most comprehensive, yet most flexible geography learning resource bundles I have ever come across. I’m really stunned by the amount of work that Sandra at Little Learning Lovies put into it.

It’s absolutely huge.

The bundle contains twelve ebooks – with a bonus thirteenth. These are no shabby 6-8 page pdfs, either – each ebook covers all fifty states from a specific perspective: state flags, state shapes, state regions, state capitals, and more.

geography learning resourceIt covers a vast range of learning styles and experiences.

The bundle contains flash cards, clip cards, games, puzzles, drawing, coloring, copywork. In my case, having three children means I have three distinct learning styles. These bundles would cover all my guys, geography learning resourceproviding each with a learning activity they prefer over one they’d rather avoid. Not into handwriting? Practice using the flashcards in a solitaire version of concentration. I have to admit, I love the version of Uno she created – so much fun, and such a great way to practice knowledge about all fifty states!

The activities can be integrated seamlessly in countless situations.

Honestly, I don’t need more things to do (including more curriculum). But, I can always use more help, and that’s how I’m seeing these activities. When my boys are studying animal habitats, we can look at what states are in that region of the country. When a boy is reading a book set in a state, we can use the resources for that state – the map, region, flag, capital. When my boys were younger and learning to write, sometimes finding something fresh for handwriting gave me writer’s block (no pun intended!) and then I’d have to make up the worksheet to trace,  with additional space to copy.

geography learning resourceI also am really loving the Draw the States ebook. I have a friend whose husband used this grid technique to create marvelous murals on walls in their homes – I never thought about using this technique for studying state boundaries. I love how it’s gives a practical application to this valid drawing method, and how the learning from the ebook can so easily be transferred to bigger projects.

It’s fun.

geography learning resourceIt’s no secret I’m a fan of games and puzzles, and I don’t need learning as an excuse to sit down to one. So it’s also no surprise I love the games and puzzles in this bundle. I mentioned the sort of Uno game above – it’s really clever, with the different “suits” being the region or flag or capital. So many ways to make a match… 

geography learning resourceAnd then there’s the 50 states puzzle. It’s HUGE. You just print it out, assemble the main map for the key (or not, if you want to ramp up the challenge). Then you have the kids cut out each state and piece them together. The ebook for the puzzle was created with vibrant colors for each state. We don’t have a color printer, so I gave it a try using black and white, and the puzzle still looks and works great!

And the crossword puzzles? Yes, they’re a great way for the kids to practice… (three guesses who will be doing them with her morning coffee…)

The price is incredible right now

The bundle’s full value price is $65, which I think is very reasonable for 13 ebooks But this week, you can get it for just $19. All 12 ebooks plus the bonus ebook. Only $19. That’s 38 cents per state!

geography learning resourceNo matter what your approach to homeschooling is, at some point, puzzles, worksheets, games… they all have their moments of real usefulness and interest to the widest range of children. This is a bundle of resources that can be used over and over, integrating geography into many other subject.

Please remember – this sale is this week only. Next week, the price goes back up to $65. So click here to check it out, think it over… and then get yours before the price goes up!

I received complimentary copies of the ebooks featured in this bundle for testing and review purposes. Any opinion expressed is mine alone, based on my personal and professional experience. This post contains affiliate links.