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Dacobots is an online learning portal for kids, filled with lots of fun activities and games.

I’ve spent some time on there in the past couple weeks, exploring and trying it out. It really is primarily a learning site, with the gaming aspect being secondary. As a mom, as motivating as I know games can be, I have learned (the hard way) that they can also be distracting, or get in the way of a student being willing to move on.


Dacobots has a good balance of simple, but amusing, presentations of information and find activities in which the users takes and active role in using the information in a game.

dacobotsDacobots can be played on tablets, smart phones or desk or laptop computers. I made this video on my Apple desktop machine, but the interface works the same on any platform. I will say, I experienced more success using the Chrome browser than I did with Safari, so if you get anything glitchy, you  might want to switch browsers.

Zalmox covers science topics.

Overview of the Dacobots site:

Dacobots lists seven levels of activities; however, at the time of publishing this post, there were no specific activities for levels 1, 2, 4, or 6. The activities that were present were designated as follows:

  • for level K, 42 games
  • for level 3, 13 games
  • for level 5, 48 games
Derzelis teaches about health topics.

Dacobots games offer a very nice variety in terms of subject areas, and I was excited to see the arts included. However, the distribution of activities among these levels varies heavily:

  • 6 for health (all level 3)
  • 5 for math (all level 3)
  • 85 for sci (all K or 5)
  • 2 for language (both level 3, grammar – nouns and verbs)
  • 5 or history (all level 5)
  • 0 for Arts. That’s zero.  🙁
G4 is the math expert.

Organizational details of the Dacobots site:

  • The available games can be sorted by more played or most recent.
  • You can check your account standing after you login by clicking on your name (top center) and then on My Account.
  • The Dacobots site is fee based for full access, but there are quite a few free games that you and your child can check out to see if you like it. Membership rates vary according to the number of months’ access purchased. The more you purchase up front, the less you pay on a monthly basis.Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 2.28.28 PM
  • Regarding the free games. I did not find them intuitive, but my KID did, and he helped me . I think that actually makes a great statement about how the site targets how kids think. Free games are marked with an open padlock (see below) and are dispersed through the various topics.dacobots
  • There are “card decks” which function as a reward system (and actually lead to additional learning). My boys have received similar rewards on other learning game sites, and they have been very motivating.

H.E.N.A. knows an amazing amount of Earth history!.
  • There is a link to “News.” AS an adult, I found the content interesting. There are links to topics ranging from the lraning process to how to play the games. These appear as if they will be videos, but they are not. Rather, the images are linked to bright, cheerful pages with large images but a LOT of text. For example, the page on “How to Have a Cupcake Party in Space” has 692 word. Most adults won’t read a blog post that long. I don’t know if a 3rd grader (the level at which this game is aimed) would. I think mom or dad would need to read this and then talk the child through the game… IF they need help. My kids didn’t, so maybe this is just a nice, cheerful article for mom and dad to understand what’s happening in the game in terms of learning.


  • The Media link leads to a page that is a set of images – including wall papers – for you to view and, I suppose, download and use. I can see that a child who really enjoys this site would LOVE having a Dacobots wall paper or avatar.

Parents, take note: I received no confirmation email when I registered (not even in spam), so be sure you make a note of the email address you use to register. If you forget your password, you can reset it so long as you remember the email you used to create your account.

All in all, Dacobots is a site that is fun, inviting and kid friendly. My boys certainly received it well, and the only major criticism I can think of is that I would like to see more of what they’re offering: more content, more games filling out all categories and skill levels.

This is a sponsored post.