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This is a sponsored post.

Sometimes life is funny.

I confess, when I first saw the opportunity to write about Curation Suite, I didn’t get it. I mean, I understood what the service does. I just didn’t understand why.

201701021940195c4465682805fb97ff96a820057ed746097bb4d7-520-520Curation Suite is a service that (you guessed it) curates quality content from the web for you to share, and it does so from within the WordPress platform. It’s as simple as sign up, install the plugin, and go.

Well, maybe not that simple. Curation Suite is a powerful tool. While you can jump in and start putting in search terms, you’re likely to miss a lot of the features. Not to worry, Curation Suite has a comprehensive set of tutorial videos, all mercifully short enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to one if I needed a refresher. For me, that’s saying a lot. I think I read pretty fast, and most of the time, I eschew videos because I can read the content faster than someone can tell me. But in this case, the videos are on point.

In fact, I watched all the videos. Remember, I didn’t get it. I still didn’t get why, and I was hoping the videos would help. In fact, when I sent a note of interest in writing about the service, I was very up front with my perception of the service. I’ve used, and continue to use, other services to help me curate the content that I share, both for my own social media channels and for my clients. The services I have experience with (such as Post Planner, Klout, Hootsuite, Content Gems, and others) all function outside WordPress, and that’s fine, because I share that content through my social media channels… not on my blog. Going through the tutorial videos, I saw some examples of the advantages of using Curation Suite within WordPress, but nothing that seemed applicable to a work-at-home-homeschooling-mommy-blogger.

Finally, I gave in and started a post.

To be fair, throughout the videos, several times there are prompts to just start using the service and get to know it. Many of the examples in the tutorial videos distantly reminded me of the roundups that are so popular on lifestyle and mommy blogs. I’ve been wanting to do a specific type of roundup, so I figured now was the time.

Well, I got it.

If you’d like to see the blog post I created in this first effort, click here. In the mean time, let me share with you what surprised me so.

 No more tedious, drawn out searches.
No more tedious, drawn out searches.

Normally, to create such a roundup, I’d go to a curation tool website, or directly to a channel, and start my searches. In this case, I only wanted to roundup YouTube videos. So, I would have gone there, done a search, scrolled down trying to sort what was worth previewing. After did so, previewed all the videos, culled the ones that were too long or not on topic or boring or family un-friendly, then I’d have a list to work with. At that point, I’d create a WordPress post here and start to embed the videos.

Instead, this is what happened:

  • I created a WordPress post.
  • I clicked on the sidetab for Curation Suite and the userpanel popped out.
  • I selected YouTube as the channel I wanted to search and entered my general keyword.
  • The results were not quite right, so I made my keyword more specific, adding a term.
  • BAM. I had about 10 results on the first page, all spot on.
    • With a single click, I could add a video to my post
    • Two I was able to eliminate because of length or topic. I viewed the rest, and eliminate two more (one was a duplicate, and one simply didn’t fit what I wanted to showcase).
  •  Once I had my six videos selected, I could cut and paste them to the order I wanted, typed my comments about each.
  • It generally takes me about an hour to write a post – just write it. By that point, I’ve put in the forethought, and am generally able to simply write from my notes. Roundups – especially videos – take me longer because of checking each item. From the first search I did until I was ready to proof my writing, it was about 35 minutes. This astonished me – in no small part because it included the (approximately) 20 minutes of video previews I did.

Two thoughts on this:

  1. I attribute the massive time savings to the powerful search tool that Curation Suite utilizes. I have never had that many quality results that quickly from a search through any other means.
  2. I didn’t even scratch the other features of Curation Suite for that particular post.
Neat. Tidy. Efficient. Effective.
Neat. Tidy. Efficient. Effective.

Suddenly, yes, I got it. Curation Suite is a super powerful search tool that zeroes in on exactly what you are looking for, and does so within the WordPress platform. No switching from one window to another. No copying links and embedding them manually.

Curation Suite has many other exciting features I haven’t outlined here, including customization of :

  • Headlines and snippets
  • Image selection and attribution
  • Keyword lists
  • Search channel selection

woman-1459220At this point, you may be scratching your head, and thinking: Great. Curation Suite is a powerful tool… but how can it work for me? Remember: the limit to anything is your imagination. If blogging is part of your business (and it should be), then content curation is vital. Even for a blogger like me, where a significant part of my blog’s income is from affiliate sales, Curation Suite is a great tool for increasing your influence and reach with your readers. For more information, check out How Content Curation Can Help Affiliates published on Miva Blog (psst: I got that link using Curation Suite. and if you use affiliate links – check out the article. It’s good.).

I encourage you to check out Curation Suite and think how it can work for you. Visit their YouTube channel to see the nitty gritty of how to work the tools, and visit the  Curation Suite website to get started. With their money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, but reach, ranking, time and income to to gain.

This is a sponsored post.