CoSchedule – I must might be in love.

During the last part of every year, my mind is generally not on business. A while ago now, I had three babies in four years, all between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. They’re bigger now, but that’s still three birthdays on top of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. And, for a while, we moved during that time of year, too. As recently on 2014, we moved on Dec. 11 (which happens to also be our youngest’s birthday…)

It took us a long time, but we’ve settled down… some. And as far as my work, I started thinking about 2017 this past summer. I knew I wouldn’t have time to be making big decisions during the holidays. So I was thinking then about what I want to do differently, and how I want to do it differently.

One of the areas I wanted to focus on is sharing my content. Here’s the thing: I’m one of those geeky people who could hole up and just keep writing… but then I don’t have time to share it all. If you don’t do it, it’s hard to imagine how much time it can take to share what I’ve written. So, I made a couple decisions.

First, I will publish less often so I can use some of that time to make sure people get a chance to see what I’m sharing.

And, Second, I want to spend less time on the work of posting.

I’ve been using Hootsuite for <gasp> six years. I like it. It’s reliable. It’s not exciting, and my reach totally tanks on Facebook. But it is what it is. I’ve played around with other schedulers, too… Too many to name here. They all have their strong points as well as their weak points.

Like most of you, I’m on a budget – not just a household budget, but a business budget. If I’m going to spend money, I have got to be able to show myself the benefit.

A couple years ago, when I was making the “dating rounds” of scheduling services, I tried CoSchedule. I liked it a lot but at the time, couldn’t justify the price tag. Since then, my readership and income has grown… and my needs for scheduling have, too. And, to be honest, right now I’m using three tools for scheduling – a free WP plug-in for Facebook and Twitter, plus Hootsuite for Google+ and Instagram, plus Tailwind. Thrifty? I thought so, but it adds up. Plus, it takes time (did you hear the whine?).

I decided to take a look at CoSchedule again. At $15 a month, I’d be saving money…If only it does everything everyone says it does.

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Google+? Check (sweet, there). Pinterest? Check (What?!). And Instagram, too?

I was in.

And, I think I’m in love. Really. My husband will understand.

Now, I found out that Instagram is still in beta, but I’ve put in my request. I need that for this to work. That aside…

When I write a blog post… I can just scroll down and create an ongoing social campaign. Do you realize what that means? That means, if I write about Charlie the Tramp, I can think about what I want to say to my readers the day I publish, to let them know it’s a warm, heartfelt book they should check out. And while I’m still in the Charlie mode, I can think about what they might need to hear about it the next week, and even the next month. I don’t have to pop back and forth.

I can create templates for social posts, too. It’s awesome.

Watch CoSchedule’s overview video:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Here’s what I’m excited about – a fully functional scheduling calendar and I can work it from inside my website:

Now, I like to work from a calendar. For a while, I’ve just been using the plain vanilla WP plugin calendar

 Simple and functional. This makes me happy.
Simple and functional. This makes me happy.

But… check this baby out:

This, on the other hand, makes me ecstatic. This take functional to a whole 'nother level.
This, on the other hand, makes me ecstatic. This take functional to a whole ‘nother level.

 I know! It's the same fantastic interface!There’s a LOT more information there… but I can see all my channels, literally.

You’re not on WordPress? that’s okay. Here’s what your CoSchedule calendar looks like when you log in through the web: (It’s the same fantastic interface!)

Do you share relevant content on social media channels? Well, you can do that, too, within CoSchedule. The content doesn’t have to be native to your website. Here’s a glimpse:

Here’s how I recently scheduled an article I wanted to share:

Want to learn more? Head over to CoSchedule and sign up for their free, no-obligation 14 day trial. You don’t have to put in a credit card and remember to cancel. Nope. Just sign up, connect your channels, and you’re good to go. Click here to get started.

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